The history of our house is fascinating.  The original little house that stood here since the end of the 14th century is now my living room and the street it was once in … is now the hallway. Over the centuries it changed a lot. Rooms and structures were added and in the city archives we’ve found out that it once used to be a small brewery, a candle making factory, a textile (gold brocade) manufacture mainly for the clergy and export to Rome, and so on. A very rich history reflecting the city it was built in.

In the late 17th century, obviously notwithstanding renovations over the years, it became by and large the house it is today.  It’s a historical monument and as such the house has the status of being classified as heritage (not always easy, lots of red tape but hey,… it’s neat!). But it’s not only the structure, some of our rooms are also heritage, there’s a louis XV room (the now living room and original little house) and a néo-renaissance room where by the way we serve breakfast.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our house where coziness and a friendly atmosphere are key.